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F. Hayashi hayashi at u.washington.edu
Thu May 20 21:19:56 EST 1999

On Thu, 20 May 1999, Greg Adams wrote:

> Antibodies that react to the antigen binding domain (CDRs) of another
> antibody are typically called anti-idiotype antibodies.  This occurs
> naturally in people and a chain reaction type of effect can occur with
> the antibody (#2) that binds to the antigen binding domain of the first
> antibody (#1), mimicing the original antigen target of the first
> antibody.  The second antibody then can actually initiate an immune
> response that will recognize the original antigen.  Similar strategies
> are being employed in clinical trials to try to stimulate patients to
> mount an immune response to tumor antigens.

Ahhh.  I had a prof in my undergraduate days (Eli Sercarz) that was really
into Niels Jerne's idiotype cascade idea.

I'm sure that antibodies CAN be anti-idiotype, but I wonder about the
biological significance of it....

Is anyone aware of any published research that shows significance of
anti-idiotype antibodies?

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