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Emmanuel- nony at club-internet.fr
Fri May 21 07:04:08 EST 1999

>> Anyone has some information on the nature of the interactions between IgG.
>> I have seen papers describing Fab-Fab and Fab-Fc connections but not much
>> details on the nature of these interactions unfortunately...
>> Are these interactions really specific such as anti-antibody or anti-denatured antibody ?
>> Is there a constitutive expression of anti-IgG in mammalian ?

>Do you mean antibodies that are specific to other antibodies?
>In that is the case, the interaction is the same as any antibody-antigen

I wonder about the presence of other interactions such as lectin like,
hydrophobic and so on....basically how two of more IgG from a single animal 
can associate ? 

>Polyclonal antibodies raised in animals, such as those used as secondary
>antibodies (like Goat anti-Rat IgG) are a mixture of antibodies that sees
>all parts of the target antibody.

Yet, I am only dealing with intra specy or autologous IgG. It is obvious to me
that inter species (goat/Rat/human...) differences (such as primary structure,
glycosylation...) induce the production of antibody.

>If you mean other kinds of interactions....

I am exploring any kind of interaction between IgG from a single 
animal...and e-microscopy seems not to be a good tool to do so. 

>anything else I missed?

nony at club-internet.fr

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