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On Fri, 21 May 1999, Mike Clark wrote:

> In article <Pine.A41.4.10.9905201917210.79322-100000 at dante21.u.washington.edu>,
> One 'significance' of 'anti-iditoype antibodies' is that they can seriously
> screw up the efficacy in use of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies. Once a
> patient develops an anti-idiotype response it is usually impossible to
> carry on with the therapy. 

Can you give me a reference on such a case?  Just curious about the

So, that's one 'significant' outcome of an anti-idiotype antibody.

But Niels Jerne's idiotype cascade would predict that such an
anti-idiotype antibody will elicit an anti-anti-idiotype antibody
reaction, which (should? may?) have the same effect as the first
therapeutic antibody.

I don't buy the theory, but I was wondering if anybody has read any
research on it?

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