hiv recombination and reproduction capacity

Brian Foley btf at lanl.gov
Wed May 26 10:05:07 EST 1999

Christian Bleiholder wrote:
> Can anybody help me on my search for articles on genetic variation of
> hiv escape mutants to anitiviral drugs and the virus´ capacity of
> reproduction?

The "Searchable Resistance Database" Link on the HIV Database
home page http://hiv-web.lanl.gov/
takes you to a database of all mutations described for
HIV that provide anti-HIV drug resistance.  The
database is complete with links to the original publications,
some of which offer information about "fitness" or 
reproductive capacity of the mutant strains.

The LANL resistance database server is currently 
(May 26, 1999 9:00 AM) down due to technical difficulties
but should be back on-line soon.

There are two other HIV drug resistance databases currently
providing a similar service:




> If so, please leave me a note at:
>  cbleihol at ix.urz.uni-heidelberg.de
> Thank you!!

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