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> 1-10% T cells can directly recognize the alloantigen, which is not
> self-MHC restricted. It seems to be controversial to the classical T
> cell recognition model of self-MHC restricted
> One explanation is that allo-MHC molecule mimic the structure of
> self-MHC and peptide complex. Is there any experiment verify this
> hypothesis?
> I would like to discuss with you.
> Thank you for your consideration

I'm in the middle of examining so haven't time to  pull out any of the
references but the explanation is as you say

allo-MHC plus peptide Y is seen by the same receptor as self MHC plus
peptide X. In some circumstances X and Y could be the same peptide but more
often they are not.

The other important thing to remember is that a single TCR may be able to
recognise several different MHC-peptide complexes even in the same host.


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