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Wed May 26 15:03:16 EST 1999

okay on the otherhand the conformation formed , the different structure for
one different base , is temperature dependent. So by lowering the
temperature of the SSCP electrophoresis a secundary structure that is
different enough may become stabel. Don't give up too soon , try higher or
lower temp.
enjoy your research

Andrew wrote in message <374C12CE.6410E957 at radius.jr2.ox.ac.uk>...
>anlong xu wrote:
>> The nucleotide sequence were performed to verify one point mutation
>> between two PCR products, but our PCR-SSCP can not detect the
>> differentiation. I will be grateful if anyone can tell me why.
>SSCP detects differences in conformation, so if your point mutation does
>not cause a significant change in conformation then it will be
>undetectable by SSCP.
>Dr  Andrew Walley
>Asthma Genetics Group,
>Wellcome TRust Centre For Human Genetics,
>Oxford, UK

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