Recommendation about Pharmingen

Tim Bushnell rangerone at
Mon Nov 1 16:57:54 EST 1999

Hello all.

I have begun to do a lot of 4-color FACS analysis of mouse B cells, and
would like to use anti-CD19 in the 4th color (APC).  Unfortunately, I
cannot find anyone who sells anti-mouse-CD19 conjugated to APC.  

Pharmingen will, for a price, make this for me.

My question to all of you is: has anyone every purchased anti-mouse-CD19
conjugated to APC from Pharmigen and if so, how good did it perform in
your hands (in relation to say anti-mouse-CD19-biotin or
anti-mouse-CD-19-PE).  Any recommendations would be appreciated.

Tim Bushnell, Ph.D.
University of Rochester

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