low immunoglobin- A

CLRFIELDS clrfields at aol.com
Mon Nov 1 22:03:47 EST 1999

I'm trying to determine what are the normal levels of IG-A one should have.
What would be some reasons for one having below normal levels? I have a doctor
wanting to refer me to an immunologist because he says I have lower than below
normal levels of IG-A, his lab readings, I don't know on what scale? shows me
to be at 65, where he says below normal readings are at 75. I have a history of
chronic sinus infections and have been on anitbiotics forever. I Know I'm in
for sinus surgery. He's talking about wanting to get my IG-A levels up before
any surgery. If you could educate me on any relevance to this topic or direct
me to someone that could,before I see an immunologist, it would be most
Thank You; up front..
clrfields at aol.com

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