mesenteric lymph nodes

Gordon MacPherson gordon.macpherson at
Tue Nov 2 11:43:06 EST 1999

    Most fluids in the peritoneal cavity, and particles such as RBC,
enter lymphatic lacunae on the peritoneal surface of the diaphragm and
are  transported to mediastinal nodes.  If there is drainage to the
mesenteric nodes it is minor, probaly via omental lymphatics.  See Yoffey
and Courtice, Lymphatics, lymph and the lymphomyeloid complex, Academic
Press, 1970! p. 295.


RK wrote:

> I need some help with the lymphatic system.  Although the mesenteric
> lymph nodes primarily drain the intestines, do they also play a role
> in draining  the mesenteries?  What set of lymph nodes are involve in
> draining  fluid from the peritoneal cavity?  If there were to be a
> high  concentration of antigens in the peritoneal cavity, could these
> be absorbed by the mesenteries and then reach the mesenteric lymph
> nodes?
> Any help, and especially a reference would be greatly appreciated.
> Ray Kuhn
> kuhnray at

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