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civersen rczci at
Wed Nov 3 06:43:26 EST 1999

Error bars in Excel 97;

Right click the columns on the graph
Choose 'format data series'
Choose Y error bars
Choose 'Custom'
The cursor should be in the '+' custom window
Highlight the column on your excel worksheet that contains the relevant
Error values in the correct order (e.g. the standard deviation column
calculated from your results)
Put the cursor in the '-' custom window
Highlight the error values in the worksheet again
Individual errors for each data set will be calculated and the format can
be selected from the 'display' menu
Click 'okay'
Individual errors should now be displayed on your graph.

on Tue, 2 Nov 1999, Tina wrote:

> Hi everybody!
> Can anyone can help me about the Excel 97 program. Tell me if I'm not in the
> right group of discussion.
> I juste want to put Y error bar on an histogram. The Excel program do it but
> it put already calculated Y error values. How can I put my own error values
> (the one that I have calculated with all datas). Is it possible!
> Any help would be appreciated.
> Thanks

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