HLA allele frequencies

Brian Foley btf at lanl.gov
Wed Nov 3 14:09:11 EST 1999

D. Koelle wrote:
> Does anyone know of a web site where one can ask 
> simple questions about HLA allele frequency

Maybe start with this site?


> sample query:
> What proportion of US caucasions have HLA A*0201?
> What proportion of African Americans have HLA B*2701?

I doubt that this inofrmation is in the above-mentioned
HLA Database.  If you do find it there or at another site,
can you please let me know where the database is on-line?

> This info. is in some obscure books but hopefully it has 
> made it on-line.
> Please email me any leads or post to the group if it is of general
> interest. Thanks very much
> David Koelle MD
> Seattle

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