heparin effect

carla cicala at unina.it
Wed Nov 3 17:08:27 EST 1999

It would be  better using blood anticoagulated with trisodium citrate. You
should prepare trisodium citrate solution 3.8% w/v and use 1 ml for 9 ml of
blood, this is the right proportion to obtain 10ml of anticoagulated blood.
What proteases are you studying? I work on proteases too, and protease
activated receptors (PARs).
Bye, Carla
Christiane Devaux ha scritto nel messaggio
<382056C1.D8A9A379 at jean-roche.univ-mrs.fr>...
>hello Carla,
>In fact, I need this blood with heparin to make test on human blood. We
>try to see the effect of human proteases on a molecule that we want to
>inject in human organism. We try to know how much long can resist this
>protein before to be completly destroyed...So, if I try tests with blood
>and another solution (in it) who inhibit the proteases,I'll never see
>the real effect (in vivo) of proteases on my protein. May be, it 'll be
>better that I found another thing to prevent coagulation of blood (have
>you got an idear  ??)
>Thanks for the answer.

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