viral activation of T-lymphocytes

Morten Lindow lindow at
Fri Nov 5 05:20:07 EST 1999

I have got a question about the activation of naive T-cells by viral

According to my textbook (Janeway-Travers) activation of CD8+ T-cells
require recognition of MHC class I loaded with viral antigen and
costimulation through CD28 by B7.1 or B7.2 on an APC. All this takes place
in lymphoid tissue.

The question is: What happens if a virus doesn't infect APCs? Say it is
specific for epithelial cells.  How does viral peptides  then end up on
class I molecules on APCs?  I figure that APCs could phagocytise free viral
particles, but wouldn't that result in presentation on class II MHCs?

Is there a flaw in my understanding? Any ideas and comments would be very


Morten Lindow
Copenhagen, Denmark

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