T-cells population when thymus non-functional

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Sun Nov 7 01:51:56 EST 1999

....there is also new evidence that cryptopatches in the gut are extrathymic
maturation sites for T-cell precursors....no need for a thymus....which
explains the mintenance of T-cell repertoire in an athymic individual

Gordon MacPherson <gordon.macpherson at path.ox.ac.uk> wrote in message
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| Recent evidence in humans shows that even when the thymus is apparently
| involuted in adults, it is still actively producing T cells.
| Gordon
| vborde at my-deja.com wrote:
| > Hello everyone
| > I would like to know what happens to a T-cells population (repertoire)
| > when the thymus becomes non-functional, at the adult phase? Does this
| > person lose all of her matured T-cells? Does she also lose her self
| > tolerance and become vulnerable to autoimmune diseases? How does she
| > keep her T-cells? Thank you.
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