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> In my hands (and others' in our lab) J774 has proven to be
> nearly impossible to transfect. I have tried various lipids and
> electroporation without success. I haven't found any papers
> describing efficient transfection of J774 cells.
> I would love to hear if you manage to have reasonable transfection
> efficiency (even 5%) with some trick. I would use CMV-driven Green
> Fluorescent Protein (GFP) reporter as marker for transfection.
> With this you can easily estimate the relative amount of transfected
> cells by immunofluorescence or flow cytometry (with 488 nm argon-laser).

Ah, but if you have a FACS you could sort the transfected cells
and collect the green ones (100% transfection efficiency!).

For lower tech methods (not with this cell line) I have
co-transfected with an expression vector for a cell surface
protein and then sorted the transfectants by MACS using a
suitable antibody.  Invitrogen sell/sold (?) a kit based upon
this - actually you transfect with an expression vector for a
single chain antibody and then sort with beads coated with
   If J774 is appreciably phagocytic this may not work too well
(maybe try chilling the cells?).


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