invitro B-cell stimulation help!

Jakub Regieli jregieli at
Wed Nov 10 20:59:09 EST 1999

I'm trying to achieve polyclonal activation(and proliferation) of
B-lymphocytes in vitro.
I'm having difficulty finding the right stimulus (mitogen or MAb) to add
to culture, to stimulate specifically B lymphocytes.

I tried Lipopolysaccharide (Sigma E.Coli 055:B5), and Staphylococcus
Aureus Cowan I (Calbiochem, product name Pansorbin).
None of these worked, as they should according to literature. I might be
using the wrong clone or origin of the stimulating agents. I'm working
with peripheral blood of cynomolgus monkeys.
I'm not sure where to obtain anti-IgM antibody that would crossreact.

Does someone have a suggest where to search for the correct mitogen?

I'd appreciate any help/directions you could give me.

Jakub J. Regieli
Transplantation Immunology
dept of Cardiothoracic Surgery
Stanford University
lab  650 - 498 - 6414

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