LYME DISEASE medical conference

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Thu Nov 11 14:20:15 EST 1999

Reminder:  Conference is this weekend
Last chance to Register  Call: 914-297-6472

Master Card, Visa, American Express

13 CREDITS CATAGORY I CMEs accreditation for physicians.
Westchester County Medical Society
Nursing CEU credits available, Dentists and Dental 
Hygienists:  Conference sponsored by the 9th
District Dental Society, CDE Credits Available

Recent noteworthy changes to program:
Dr. Nick Harris will replace Dr. Jyotsna Shah to present the topic
of Role of Lab Diagnostics in Tick-Borne Diseases and a
discussion of the current controversies in Lyme testing. 

Michael Caldwell, MD, Commissioner of Health for
Dutchess County, will present "Past,Present, and Future of the 
Lyme Disease Vaccine"

Registration includes syllabus, luncheon, and break, both days.

Bard College, November 13, 14, 1999. Saturday and Sunday,

Annandale Rd., Annandale, NY 12504 :

Under Sponsorship of the Lyme Disease Association of New Jersey  

 Fee is as follows:
 Professionals:  $100.00
 Allied Health Professionals
 Community Education Leaders: $75
 For questions/information/credit card registration:
 Call: (914) 297-6472 (Sun-Sat 8:00am to 9:00pm)
 E-mail: LymeConf at
 Lyme Disease and Other Spirochetal and Tick-Borne Diseases:
 A Two Day Discussion of the Most Recent Developments in Research and
 Clinical Management
 Saturday, Nov. 13, 1999 and Sunday, Nov. 14, 1999
     Saturday, Nov. 13, 1999
 8:00  Registration and Continental Breakfast
 8:30  Opening Remarks                       Armen Manasar,
                                            Kenneth Liegner, MD
 9:00  The Complexities of Vector-Borne
         Spirochetes: Historical Analysis    Willy Burgdorfer, PhD
 9:45  Lymphotropism by Borrelia burgdorferi  David W. Dorward,PhD
 10:30  Break
 10:45  Update on Current Concepts in the      Paul Duray, MD
        Pathology of Borreliosis and Other
        Tick-Borne Diseases
 11:45 Lunch
 12:45 Role of a Diagnostic Laboratory in    Nicholas Harris, PhD
       Diagnosis of Tick-Borne Diseases                       

 1:15  Laboratory Diagnosis of Babesiosis     Dr. Jyotsna Shah

 1:30   Diagnosis and Treatment of Lyme      Kenneth B. Liegner, MD
        Disease with a Focus on Chronic
 2:15   Break
 2:30   An Overview of Lyme Carditis   Carmine Sorbera, MD
 3:15  Ovarian and Immune System    Marylynn Botsford Barkley, PhD, MD
       Interaction During Lyme
 4:00 Lyme Disease in Children         Charles Ray Jones, MD
 5:00 Panel Q and A                    Saturday Speakers
 6:00  Session Closing
 Sunday, November 14, 1999
 8:00    Registration and Continental Breakfast
 8:30   The Lymerix OspA Vaccine     Michael Caldwell, MD
 9:15 Neuropsychiatric Lyme Disease               Brian Fallon, MD
                 in Children and Adults
 10:00  Treatment of Adolescents     Sandra K. Berenbaum, CSW,BCD
         with Neuropsychatric Lyme      M. Lynne Canon, CSW, BCD
          Disease: A Model for          Janice Kochevar, FNP-C
          Collaboration Between Mental
          Health Practitioners and
          Lyme-Treating Physicians
 10:45   Break
 11:00 Human Granulocytic Ehrlichiosis:   Louis Magnarelli, MD
         Ticks and Laboratory Diagnosis
 12:00   Lunch
 1:00  Treatment Options for Late       Joseph Burrascano, MD
        Lyme Disease
 1:45  Chronic Lyme Disease:  A         Richard Horowitz, MD
        Symptom Complex of Multiple
        Co-Infections, New Diagnostic
        Treatment Protocols
 2:30    Break
 2:45    Neurologic Lyme Disease:       Amiram Katz, MD
         Anatomic Pathophysiologic
         Imaging and other Treatment Protocols
 3:30  Future Aspects of Tick-Borne   Burgdorfer, Dorward,
        Disease Research                Duray, Barkley,
                                    Burrascano, Fallon, Horowitz,

                                    Jones, Katz, Kochevar, Liegner,
                                    Magnarelli, Shah, Sorbera
 5:00 Summary and Closing Remarks


 Lodging - Holiday Inn, Kingston, NY
 Conference rates available until November 8th
 Register by phone or e-mail:
 (914)338-0400      IGNNYSales1 at

 Location:  Bard College - Franklin W. Olin Humanities Building
                Annandale-on-Hudson, N.Y.
                (5 minutes from Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge)
 Program Description and Objectives

This course will focus on important recent developments in the
research, diagnosis, and treatment of lyme Disease and other Tick-Borne
Diseases.  It is targeted toward physicians, allied health
professionals and community educators, however, the public is encouraged
to attend.
 At the conclusion of the program, the participant should be able to:
 --Recognize the complex nature of Borrelia burgdorferi in
 relation to host response to infection and the rationale
 for various types of treatment
 --Determine criteria for diagnosis and treatment of the various
 presentations of Lyme Disease and other tick-borne diseases
 --Understand the role of the laboratory testing for Lyme
 Disease and co-infections
 --Achieve proficiency in the diagnosis and treatment of
 neurologic, pediatric and cardiac Lyme Disease
 --Recognize the presence of co-infections, Babesiosis
 and Ehrlichiosis (HGE) in the Hudson Valley
 --Achieve proficiency in the diagnosis and treatment of
 Babesiosis and Ehrlichiosis
 --Understand the interaction between the ovarian and
 immune system in the presence of active Lyme Disease.
 --Recognize the complexities of diagnosing and treating
 chronic Lyme Disease
 --Recognize the complexities in distinguishing between
 Lyme Disease and other diseases with similar clinical
 --Develop an understanding of the OspA vaccine, and its
 implications for use
 --Increase awareness of new research and new treatment
 Sponsors are needed.  Pharmaceutical, IV companies,
 others, will be allowed to have a booth.
 Attendees, family and friends of Lyme patients,
 others, might consider asking their employer to
 assist in making a donation towards sponsorship.
 Scholarships: Right now there is some scholarship money
 available through the generosity of individuals
 involved in helping Lyme patients.  Facilitators
 and Community Actions Leaders who know of regions
 of hyper-endemnicity without equivalent responsiveness
 from the medical community may want to contact
 Public Relations Directors in community hospitals
 in those areas and alert them to the availability
 of these scholarships.
 Those seeking more info about sponsorships
 and scholarships please contact LymeConf at,
 Sandy Berenbaum, or Dr. Armen Manasar at 914-297-6472.
 The exact destination address to use in Mapquest is:
 1 Annandale Road
 Annandale, NY 12504
 Make sure to use the zip!
 There are 100 rooms reserved for the conference at the
 Holiday Inn in Kingston, N.Y.,  about 15 minutes driving
 distance from Bard, assuming people have cars, or
 can get together with those who do.  Debbie Harris, in the
 Conference Registration office, has reserved rooms at a conference
 rate of $79.00 per room per night.  To make reservations,
 call the Holiday Inn at (914) 338-0400, and ask for
 the conference rates for the Dutchess County Lyme
 Disease Conference.

 About accommodations:
 The drive from Poughkeepsie involves going through some
 high traffic areas, and might be more tedious, especially if
 there is any kind of a traffic tie-up.  From Kingston the
 ride should be easier, probably under 10 minuites.
 Sandy Berenbaum checked on Bed and Breakfasts.  Aside from
 the limited availability, the ones checked were on the
 2nd or 3rd floors, and could therefore be a problem for
 some Lyme patients.
 A hospitality room has been reserved the Holiday Inn to allow for


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