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>  I would use CMV-driven Green
> > Fluorescent Protein (GFP) reporter as marker for transfection.
> > With this you can easily estimate the relative amount of transfected
> > cells by immunofluorescence or flow cytometry (with 488 nm
> Ah, but if you have a FACS you could sort the transfected cells
> and collect the green ones (100% transfection efficiency!).

True, if you have access to a fast cell sorter. Those are
expensive and require a lot of experience to use. Fastest model I'm
aware of is able to sort 15,000 cells/second. For gene regulation
studies, at least, FACS sorting of J774 cells is not a feasible option
considering time and money needed. With current
level of transfection 10 million cells would give you only 100,000
cells after sorting.

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