How to determine amino acid sequence of peptide bound by MHC I

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>I am looking for insight into how to determine the amino acid sequence
>of a peptide bound by MHC I.  Is it possible to purify the MHC away from
>the cells, and then the peptide from the MHC?  Or is this technically
>not feasible at this time.

That was first done back in 1991, in a famous paper--

  Nature 1991 May 23;351(6324):290-6 
  Allele-specific motifs revealed by sequencing of self-peptides eluted
  from MHC molecules.
  Falk K, Rotzschke O, Stevanovic S, Jung G, Rammensee HG

The procedure was essentially as you describe.  Since then the technique
has been refined somewhat, partly by more sophisticated protein analysis
tools (mass spec, for example).

There is a great deal of literature on this; you should do some literature
searches so you don't reinvent the wheel.  As well as Rammensee, you
should look for papers by Vic Engelhard and Alessandro Sette; but there
are many other authors with important papers as well.

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