Computer-generated vaccines

Bruce Compton bcompton at
Thu Nov 18 21:59:47 EST 1999

Perhaps someone in the medical community  can enlighten me as to the
outlook for (futuristic?) procedures in the development of vaccines
through the use of computers.
My oral surgeon recently suggested that supercomputers in the next
century would be able to analyze viruses and routinely run through every

chemical combination which could be usd to combat the virus until the
correct combination is found and a vaccine would be created. He
suggested that, although perhaps not in our lifetimes, but maybe our
childrens', any new virus which would appear would be routinely
eliminated by computer-generated vaccines. Part of the problem, he
suggested, is developing fast enough computers to run through all the
combinations. His description reminded me of Microsoft's anti-virus crew

working day and night for a couple of days sometimes to produce a patch
when e.g. a significant new internet-related virus would be introduced.
What do you
think of his theory? Do you think that disease of any kind will be wiped

out by computers by the end of the next century?
   Any comments or response related to this subject would be immensely
Bruce Compton
bcompton at

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