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Fri Nov 26 10:35:15 EST 1999

I'd be interested in this also. I have been trying to titrate a CD154 mAb on
MLR-activated PBL with no luck. I'm still waiting for the supplier's tech
service to get back to me. Please forward any responses you may get


Paula Lavery
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Royal Victoria Hospital
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"Nele Wellinghausen" wrote in message
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>Hello everybody,
>does anyone of you have experience with investigation of CD154 with flow
>cytometry? How many percent of CD3+ and/or CD56+ cells show CD154+ in
>peripheral blood of helathy blood donors?
>Does anyone know an established CD154+ cell line and which cells express
>CD154 constitutively since we need a reliable positive control.
>Thank you in advance
>Nele Wellinghausen

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