Q: Epithelial cell AB

Dr. Susanne Beckert susanne.beckert at medizin.uni-ulm.de
Fri Nov 26 11:42:41 EST 1999

Hello everybody,
as microbiologist I am new to the field of immuno-staining. I am
desperately searching for an antibody suitable for staining not
ceratinized epithelial cells especially in phyrynx and tonsils. No
established cell lines but _real_ clinical material.With extended search
in net and catalogues I just came across ABs against ESA (epithelial
specific antigen) and EMA (epithelial membrane antigen). Some
pathologist here told me both are really weak in detecting tonsilar
cells. Is there no alternative out there? Some antibody with FITC or
phosphatase would be great. I will try to stain cell suspensions and
tissue sections. Hints and help with suppliers and own experience would
be appreciated very much.

Thanks in advance
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