anti-idiotype titers

don Hastings hastings at
Mon Nov 29 22:59:31 EST 1999

 question:  I have immunized a goat with an antigen to produce
 an antibody to the antigen, then using the polyclonal goat antibody
 I have immunized a rabbit.  Working with anti-idiotypic antibody body
 it appears that after a priming and several boosters to the rabbit of
the goat antibody the titer levels off. I can not show any titer
inceases of
with additional boosters. Now, here is my question, if  I vaccinated a
species (chicken) with the orginial antigen  and immunized the rabbit
with the
polyclonal chicken antibody  would one get an incease in the rabbit
titer to
idiotype common to both the goat and the chicken?  I have not been able
to find
the answer in my review of the literature.    Thank you..

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