THE FAUCI FILES: The IL-2 Antiviral Hoax, U.S. Patent # US1995000452440

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THE FAUCI FILES: The IL-2 Antiviral Hoax, U.S. Patent # US1995000452440

                   October 1, 1999

Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institutes
of Health's National Institute of Allergy and Infectious 
Diseases has been the single person in charge of HIV/AIDS
research since the onset of the epidemic. Under Fauci's
tutelage, fraud in research not only prospered, but has
become institutionalized (thanks, in no small part, to
Fauci's role in disbanding the ethics police). At the
National Institutes of Health, the crooks are firmly in
charge and the rigors of scientific discipline have been
substituted with the quick fixes of Junk Science schemes,
bribes for bureaucrats and a proliferation of lucrative 
treatment hoaxes. While the HAART Treatment Hoax has 
flopped face-down in the steaming cow-pie of D.B.A.D. reality
(Deaths Before an AIDS Diagnosis), perhaps it isn't too 
late to take a closer look at another treatment 
hoax: The Dr. Anthony S. Fauci IL-2 Treatment Hoax. Let's
see what Captain Fauci has done to help himself as he
deliberately steered the HIV Research Titantic straight into 
the proverbial iceberg with his first and only patent
(patent application details are included below): 

              IL-2 Intermittent Therapy.

While most inventors file dozens, or even hundreds of patents
before they have a winner,  such is certainly not the case
with Dr. Fauci's first and only patent: IL-2 Intermittent Therapy. 
As a self-described "scientist", Fauci has proven that he is exempt
from the hit-and-miss strategy of the invention process. Because
"The Game" is rigged, only one patent will be required for Fauci
"to win". 

What comes with this patent is a certain atmosphere of selective
"shyness" by Dr. Fauci and the other top leaders of the enormous
NIH, the health agency assigned the important task of safeguarding 
America's health. So what is it about Dr. Fauci's patent that turns
so many outspoken luminaries of medicine into a collective of

What's wrong here? This is America and this is an invention, isn't it?
Why isn't Fauci and The Gang celebrating like real Americans? 
Why must they act like they are embarrassed for their corruption,
secret business deals and fifth-rate comprehension of science?

While most inventors are deservedly so proud of the results 
of their long hours and diligent efforts that they WANT the
world to know -- why isn't that the case with 
NIAID Director Dr. Anthony Fauci, M.D.?

Wouldn't you think that Dr. Fauci, NIAID and the NIH would have
been proud to announce the approval of the first and only patent
of perhaps its most important Institute Director? So why no
announcement? Why no press release? Why all the deafening silence?

Why does Fauci offer spin control, obfuscation,  deception 
and outright lies instead of facts? Why does the NIH close up
shop when one inquires about Fauci's reported HUGE leaps in salary
at this government health agency? Why the stoned silence and 
bureaucratic smoke screens regarding reported "double-dipping" 
by Fauci? (Even NIH Director Varmus won't respond to confirm or
deny Fauci's reported retirement from the Public Health Service
and re-employment in the Executive Service at five or more times
his previous salary -- is Varmus covering up something illegal,
such as Fauci being paid retirement AND salary simultaneously 
-- what's going on here???)

Why won't Fauci speak of his personal business dealings with Chiron,
the company which appears to have been summarily granted the 
manufacturing license for IL-2 in this non-competitive Byzantine 
atmosphere of secret business deals?

Why does Fauci continue to personally direct and speak on behalf
of his PERSONAL IL-2 patent conflict of interest when the NIH 
Attorney Robert Lanman stated over a year ago that the IL-2 
research would be transferred to the National Cancer Institute,
a claim that is obviously false? How bad can things be
when even the NIH legal department gets caught in The Big Lie?

While Fauci claims that his $150,000 annual "royalties" are
"going to charity", why won't Fauci or Lanman or NIH Director
Varmus disclose WHICH "charity" purportedly gets the cash? 
Might that be too embarassing when the "charity" turns out
to be something ludicrous like "The Fauci Children's College Fund"
or "The Fauci Institute" ? What about the PAST royalties
(since 1993)? 

Of course, the $150K annual royalty is "chump change" when 
compared to the tens of millions that Fauci and friends stand 
to make on the IL-2 Treatment Hoax. As one would expect, this 
is where the Freedom of Information Act NIH/NIAID attorneys slam
the brakes on ANYTHING with Fauci's name on it -- ALL financial
records, declarations etc. are off limits to the prying eyes
of the American public. 

Why was Fauci's name conspicuously missing from the patent of the
same name that was filed in 1993 when Fauci and his subordinates
Lane and Kovacs had already been engaged in years of 
taxpayer-funded IL-2 human experiments at NIAID? Why did
Fauci keep his name off the patent until December, 1997
when the Patent Office approved the same patent, but this time
with Fauci listed as inventor?

Director Fauci claimed that the omission of his name from his only 
patent at that point was due to a "clerical error". Are we also
to believe that the army of patent attorneys retained by the
NIH also managed to "overlook" the tiny detail having to 
do with putting the #1 Director's name on his only patent?
Are we to also believe that the same clerical error was
repeated when Fauci's name was omitted from the Lane/Kovacs 
1995 article about IL-2 published in the New England Journal 
of Medicine (where the IL-2 patent was disclosed)?

After over a decade of millions of taxpayer dollars for DOZENS of
Fauci-directed IL-2 "clinical trials", why is it that (in 1999) the 
ONLY actual claim of "efficacy" seems to end up with
a single unpublished and non-peer-reviewed anecdotal 
case of a person who was perfectly healthy and HIV-positive 
when the clinical "trial" was started? Indeed, a real scientist
would instinctively apply Occam's Razor to explain that the
patient would have even been BETTER OFF in the total absence
of toxic interventionist "treatment"! But that has nothing to
do with the bottom-rung scientists of Fauci's ilk and today's 
Orwellian standard of medical Junk Science.

Why study a toxic and dangerous treatment like IL-2 using healthy
HIV-positive people? Perhaps the question has more to do with which
study group would put the best possible face on a harmful treatment.
After all, Fauci, Lane and Kovacs admitted long ago that IL-2
didn't "work" for sick people. It made them sicker faster. It
killed them. It caused and/or promoted cancers. So what do these
Giants of Junk Science do? They begin to study a treatment
for the "sick" -- IL-2 -- in the healthiest non-sick people 
they could find! Now they claim that IL-2 can only "work"
when those healthy people are also using a cocktail of cancer
drugs known as "HAART" (the "cocktail treatment" trend is an 
important drug industry concept as it entirely obliterates the 
notion of accountability or blame for any single treatment 
option when the 20-something year old non-AIDS HIV+ patient 
plops over dead of a heart attack, stroke or other acute organ 
system failure, as has been the case with HAART).

So now you know what your government's public servants have
been up to for the past couple of decades in HIV, but not 
necessarily AIDS, research. In fact, as an independent statistical
measure, the surge in the category known as "D.B.A.D." tells
us exactly how we are doing these days -- specifically
in the area of "Deaths Before (an) AIDS Diagnosis". If these
people aren't dying of AIDS, then what's been killing them
in droves, if not the cancer drugs that have been repackaged
as HAART "antiviral" cocktails?


This detail information can be viewed in its entirety at:


US5696079: Immunologic enhancement with intermittent 
interleukin-2 therapy 

Lane; H. Clifford , Bethesda, MD 
Kovacs; Joseph A. , Potomac, MD 
Fauci; Anthony S. , Washington, DC 

Applicant(s): The United States of America as represented by the 
Department of Health and Human Services, Washington, DC 

Issued/Filed Dates: Dec. 9, 1997 / May. 26, 1995 

Application Number:US1995000452440

<snipped IPC Class, Field of Search and Priority Numbers>

A method for activating a mammalian immune system entails a series 
of IL-2 administrations that are effected intermittently over an 
extended period. Each administration of IL-2 is sufficient to 
allow spontaneous DNA synthesis in peripheral blood or lymph node 
cells of the patient to increase and peak, and each subsequent 
administration follows the preceding administration in the series 
by a period of time that is sufficient to allow IL-2 receptor 
expression in peripheral or lymph node blood of the patient to 
increase, peak and then decrease to 50% of peak value. This 
intermittent IL-2 therapy can be combined with another therapy 
which targets a specific disease state, such as an anti-retroviral 
therapy comprising, for example, the administration of AZT, ddI or 
interferon alpha. In addition, IL-2 administration can be employed 
to facilitate in situ transduction of T cells in the context of 
gene therapy. By this approach the cells are first activated in 
vivo via the aforementioned IL-2 therapy, and transduction then is 
effected by delivering a genetically engineered retrovital vector 
directly to the patient. 

Attorney, Agent, or Firm: Foley & Lardner; 

Primary/Assistant Examiners: Ulm; John; Sorensen; Kenneth A. 


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