Genetic memory vs natural selection

Pierre sonigo at
Sun Oct 3 16:01:23 EST 1999

Usual interpretations suppose that cancer which is a cell advantage on the
short term, and a cell and organism disadvantage on a longer term is
controlled by the genetic memory. Cancer occurs when cells escape genetic
control. Thus we assume that the genetic memory is able to remember the long
term and to fight short term selection.
But I wonder how can  genetic memory memorize a non valid evolutionary
history ? I am aware that this is a difficult controversy. IMHO, memory
cannot control the short term to favour the long term. It just memorizes a
PREVIOUS evolutionary history to increase its reproducibility. If you assume
that memory favours the long term over the short term, it requires a
previous history where the long term was favoured over the SHORT term. The
memory cannot preexist the memory. Where is the mistake ?


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