DPB1' 3D stucture and ARS

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Thu Oct 7 12:21:55 EST 1999

I do not think there is any 3D structure of DP molecules. Known Class II 
structures are DR1, DR4, DR15, DR3, Ad, Ak, Ek. Even DQ remains unknown but
have been modelled for different alleles.

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écrit :

> Hi everybody:
>  I 'm researching HLA.I read some paper about DRB's 3D stucture and antigen
> recept site(ARS),But i
> didn't find any same article on DPB1.would you introduce some paper on it for
> Thanks for your consideration!
> sincerely!
> pan dejing
> Biochem. Dept.
> life science school
> zhongshan Univ.

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