Tetanus Toxoid

Joe Chandler mbiotec at maine.rr.com
Fri Oct 15 14:54:17 EST 1999

> Hi Scott and Joe!
> I've been using a single lot of Connaught alum-free tetanus toxoid for
> in vitro stimulation assays with human PBMC, but it hasn't worked well. 
> I'd also like to find another source.  Connaught currently has a
> different lot available now, which I plan to try.
> (I work in Linda Thurmond's lab, Joe... remember her?)
> How can we locate this stuff in a hurry?
> Jia

Hi Jia,
First, yes I do remember Linda Thurmond.  I thoroughly enjoyed working with
her and please tell her I said hi.
Second, WOW what a problem!  I did an online search for tetanus toxoid and
I only found it sold by vaccine companies.  No where did I see that I could
buy it as a reagent.  Besides Connaught, where have you looked?  I think
Lederle and one other vaccine company supplied it but as vaccines.
Now that you have nudged me again on this, I will try a few more potential
sourses.  Isn't it odd that Sigma doesn't carry it?  
I will be back in touch!

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