Tetanus Toxoid

Scott Minns smeg2cletus at my-deja.com
Mon Oct 18 22:02:00 EST 1999

Hey all,

I have found a source of Tetanus toxoid and toxin. It is through
Calbiochem. Its pretty expensive @ US$280 for 25 ug ( cat no. 582231).
I have been told the price would drop if I went out and bought more (
ie >100ug) in one hit. I am currently trying it in an ELISA, comparing
it to the tetanus toxoid we currently have.

I have also found out that the US dept Agriculture produces tet. toxoid
but it only for use for testing equine tetanus vaccine potencies.

Hope this helps, thanks everyone for their time and efforts

scott minns
minnss at fortdodge.com.au

In article <01bf1747$3211afc0$c49c5d18 at default.maine.rr.com>,
  "Joe Chandler" <mbiotec at maine.rr.com> wrote:
> > Hi Scott and Joe!
> > I've been using a single lot of Connaught alum-free tetanus toxoid
> > in vitro stimulation assays with human PBMC, but it hasn't worked
> > I'd also like to find another source.  Connaught currently has a
> > different lot available now, which I plan to try.
> > (I work in Linda Thurmond's lab, Joe... remember her?)
> > How can we locate this stuff in a hurry?
> > Jia
> Hi Jia,
> First, yes I do remember Linda Thurmond.  I thoroughly enjoyed
working with
> her and please tell her I said hi.
> Second, WOW what a problem!  I did an online search for tetanus
toxoid and
> I only found it sold by vaccine companies.  No where did I see that I
> buy it as a reagent.  Besides Connaught, where have you looked?  I
> Lederle and one other vaccine company supplied it but as vaccines.
> Now that you have nudged me again on this, I will try a few more
> sourses.  Isn't it odd that Sigma doesn't carry it?
> I will be back in touch!
> Regards,
> Joe

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