employment opportunity: Careside, Inc.

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Careside, Inc.           Culver City, California

Director of Immunochemistry (2)  Small Molecule and Large Molecule  -Reports
to Executive VP or R&D Responsibilities:  -Develops immuno assay tests
capable of measuring large (PSA) and/or small  (Theophylline) molecules 
-Manages a group of four to eight Research Assistants and Associates  -Hires,
trains, disciplines and, when necessary, terminates employees  -Designs and
organizes experiments for assigned projects  -Evaluates and recommends new or
improved technology  -Participates as a collaborative author for publications
and present work at scientific	meetings  -Follows all company regulatory
policies Requirements  -Ph.D. degree in Biochemistry, Chemistry or related
field  -Experience is preferred especially with in vitro diagnostic blood
testing reagents and  devices Contact: HRG  phone:(858) 673-3390  fax (858)
673-6203  e-mail: jobs at hrconsultants.com

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