Recruiting a graduate student

Zhixiang Wang zwang at
Wed Sep 1 13:55:34 EST 1999

I'm recruiting a graduate student. We are working in the field of Receptor
Tyrosine Kinase-mediated Signal Transduction and Endocytosis (Mol. Biol.
Cell 10,1621-1623; Mol. Cell. Biol. 18(1), 590-597; Science 272, 1935-1939).

Well motivated and hrd working candidates with strong background in
Molecular and Cell Biology are encouraged to apply. Interested individuals
should submit C.V. and reprints to:

Zhixiang Wang, Ph.D.
Department of Cell Biology
University of Alberta
6-32B Medical Sciences Building
Edmonton, Alberta T6G 2H7

Tel: (780)492-0711
email: zwang at

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