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Sat Sep 4 00:53:43 EST 1999

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<p><font size="+1"><b>We FIND Missing People... Or it's FREE<p>
<p>As seen on OPRAH... Satisfaction GUARANTEED<p>
<p><font size="+2"><a href=""></a></font><p>
<p>Find the lost love from high school<br>Find the person who skipped town owing you money
<br>Find that deadbeat dad<p></b></font>
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<br><hr width="75%" size="1" align="center"><center><b><font size="+3" color=red>America Find, Inc.</font></b></center>
<hr width="75%" size="1" align="center"><br><p><center><b>Find People Anywhere In The United States ... Anywhere<p>
We <a href="">GUARANTEE</a> that if we do not locate<br>the person you seek<p><font color=red size=4>YOU PAY ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.</font></b>
</center><br><hr width=55% size=1 align=center><center><table border=0 width=66% cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0><tr><td>
<ul><li><b>We specialize in finding people.<li>That is all we do.<li>And we are the very best at it.</ul>
<hr width=55% size=1 align=center><p><font size=3>We find people electronically by accessing a number of databases that are reserved only for professionals and licensed investigators.
<p>We cross reference these databases and generate a comprehensive dossier on that person, including all data necessary for you to contact that person yourself.
<p>Home address, SSN, neighbors, registered vehicles and telephone numbers are but some of the data our search can generate and be quickly forwarded to you.
<p>Often a name and an old address is all that's required.
<p>So, whether you are looking for an old friend from years gone by, a relative you've lost touch with, a not forgotten love, or someone that disappeared and still owes you money, just use our secure encrypted <a href="">PeopleSeek Form</a> and fill in the data you have on the person you seek.
<p>We will do the rest and E-mail you back the <b>complete</b> result within 72 hours.</font>
<br><center><font size="4"><b><font color=red>It is that simple.</b><p>If we cannot find that person, then <b>no charge</b>.
<p>We guarantee our work<b>... completely... absolutely<br><font color=#ffffff>...</font>
<br><font color=red>100%.</b><p></font><br>[<a href="">Our Guarantee</a> | <a href="">About Us</a> | <a href="">PeopleSeek Form</a>]
<br>[<a href="">Ask America Find</a> | <a href="">Contact Us</a> | Home]
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