immunology photo library?

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Do you have a phone or web address for Garland Press?

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>If what you mean is teaching slides, mechanism diagrams and
>photomicrographs etc, there is a remarkable CD available from Garland
>Press.  They offer all of the illustrations from the new addition of
>Immunobiology: The immune system in health and disease  eds. Janeway,
>Travers et al  (ISBN 0-8153-3217-3) suitable for printing or
>incorporating into slides (JPG format) for less than $50.  It also
>includes all of the illustrations from the companion book Case Studies
>in Immunology
>Michael Meredith wrote:
>> Can anyone direct me to a good, comprehensive, immunologyy photo
>> library? Free or otherwise I am not bothered.
>> Thanks for all your help.
>> Michael
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