Protein+alum incubation overnight?

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> In our company we make vaccines adjuvanted with Al based gels.

> > In a planned experiment I am intending to incubate a test protein
> > overnight at room temperature in the presence of alum prior to
> > innoculation.

The use of aluminium adjuvants is accompanied by stimulation of IL-4 and
stimulation of the T-helper-2 subsets in mice with enhanced IgG1 and IgE
production. Further immunomodulation is accomplished by the aluminium
Acidic pH of <6 has been found optimal for adsorption of antigens on
aluminium adjuvants. Alhydrogel (TM) appears to be more forgiving and
works well with PBS or saline.
The texts seem to refer to(and prefer) the gelled Aluminium hydroxide
over plain aluminium hydroxide. I have used neither yet but am due to

Refer to - Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Volume 6. Vaccine Design - The
Subunit and Adjuvant Approach. Edited by Michael Powell and Mark Newman
published 1995 Plenum Press NY. (I shamelessly plundered the first

BTW, I didn't know that there is an Australian FDA???

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