What's hot on NF-kappaB?

Shen Fang tony_shen at 263.NET
Thu Sep 9 07:43:19 EST 1999

       I am going to begin my study on NF-kappaB and its relationship to
Could anybody kindly give me some suggestions? 
       I have checked the researches of NF-kappaB on MEDLINE. They focus
on following
1.NF-kappaB activation by cytokins, LPS, PMN and other pro-inflammtoy
2.IKK activity regulation.
3.NF-kappaB and reactive oxidant.
       Are there any other hotspots I have missed? And I am intersted in
CAT assay to
detect NF-kappaB activation. Could anyone give me an introduction?
       Thanks anyway.

       Best regard
       Tony Shen
       Sep. 9th 1999

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