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Cattedra di Immunologia (cimmuno at enriched human experience thus:
>Hi :-)

>We work at the Immunobiology laboratories of the University of Milan.
>We'd like to ask if someone can tell us where we can find the aminoacidic
>sequences of some immunogenic peptides that we need for our next works.

>In particular we'd like to know the aa sequences of the following peptides
>from the HCV proteins:


Check out the MHCPEP database at <>

Here are some that I found...there are many more that are only identified
as "HCV" or "HCV core" or "HCV envelope" which might be useful.

     HCV NS3 (1073-1081)   CINGVCWTV

Cerny A. Fowler P. Brothers M.A. Houghton M. Schlicht H.J. Chisari F.V.
Scripps Research Institute Department of Molecular and Experimental
Medicine, La Jolla. Induction in vitro of a primary human antiviral
cytotoxic T cell response. European Journal of Immunology.  25(2):627-30,
1995 Feb.

     HCV NS3 (1296-1294)  TYSTYGKFL

Kondo A. Sidney J. Southwood S. Delguercio MF. Appella E.  Sakamoto H. Celis
E. Grey HM. Chesnut RW. Kubo RT. Sette A. Cytel Corporation, San Diego,
California 92121. Prominent roles of secondary anchor residues in peptide
binding to  HLA-A24 human class i molecules. Journal of Immunology. 
155(9):4307-4312, 1995 Nov 1.


     HCV NS3 (1357-1365)  VPHPNIEEV
     HCV NS3 (1444-1452)  YTGDFDSVI
     HCV NS3 (1446-1454) GDFDSVIDC

Kowalski H. Erickson AL. Cooper S. Domena JD. Parham P. Walker CM.
Department of Structural Biology, Stanford University School of Medicine,
California 94305. Patr-A and B, the ortologues of HLA-A and B, present
hepatitis C virus epitopes to CD8+ cytotoxic T cells from two chronically
infected chimpansees. Journal of Experimental Medicine.  183:1761-1775, 1996

Shirai M. Arichi T. Nishioka M. Nomura T. Ikeda K. Kawanishi K. Engelhard
V.H. Feinstone S.M. Berzofsky J.A. Third Department of Internal Medicine,
Kagawa Medical School, Japan. CTL responses of HLA-A2.1-transgenic mice
specific for hepatitis C viral peptides predict epitopes for CTL of humans
carrying HLA-A2.1. Journal of Immunology.  154(6):2733-42, 1995 Mar 15.

Sidney J. Southwood S. del Guercio M.F. Grey H.M.  Chesnut R.W. Kubo R.T.
Sette A. Cytel Corporation, San Diego, CA 92121, USA. Specificity and
degeneracy in peptide binding to HLA-B7-like class I molecules. Journal of
Immunology.  157(8):3480-90, 1996 Oct 15.
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