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VISA/MASTERCARD Guaranteed Regardless Of Your Past 
Credit History!  Credit Lines To $2,500 Per Card!  You are not 
required to send a security deposit.

Las Vegas Card Services Inc. is an independent marketing group,
established to assist the American public with a variety of credit
needs and services.

Let our staff with over 25 years in the card services industry help
you put 3 to 5 new credit cards in your wallet today!

You could get up to $2,500 of credit with NO SECURITY
DEPOSIT!  Most importantly, you'll have the opportunity to
build a strong credit history.

Even if you have been previously turned down for a credit card
due to bankruptcy, repossessions, charge off's, late pays, ect,
we have great news for you...
You can order online with a personal check, it just takes a few
minutes.  Order Now!
Please visit us at:

Warmest Regards
The entire staff

Las Vegas Card Services Inc.
P.O. Box 82163
Las Vegas, NV  89180-2163

For removal, please visit:

Las Vegas Card Services is a federally registered service mark of
Las Vegas Card Services Inc. All rights reserved 1999

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