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Mike Clark mrc7 at cam.ac.uk
Mon Sep 20 10:05:13 EST 1999

Just a message to let you know that I have made some changes to my
immunoglobulin structure and function website.

1) I have separated my links into two pages. The main page links through to
my own material which I am providing from servers in Cambridge UK. Whilst a
separate page now contains the links to other sites provided by 3rd
parties. This should make it much clearer which material is directly under
my own editorial control.

2) The second point is that I have made it clearer on the top level of the
main links page who I am and also that I assert my copyright in the
material I have produced. I have done this because I am aware that there
are other sites on the internet who through the use of frames are
displaying my material but surrounded by their own commercial advertising
information. I object to this if it is not made explicitely clear on these
pages that this is what they are doing.

I don't use frames on my site and if you see my material in a frame then
almost certainly it is because a third party is linking my material into
their own webpages.


The immunoglobulin structure and function web site is devoted  to my own
teaching and research interests. It includes images of models of
immunoglobulin (mainly IgG) and also some experimental data on
immunoglobulin functions and also clinical applications of recombinant

The URL is


Which can also be accessed from my general home page



P.S. Whilst I am happy to enter into email discussions with others who have
an academic interest in the subject of immunoglobulins and their functions
I do not have time to help school kids and students write their essays and
I am not able to offer any clinical advice on diagnosis or therapy.


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