Anti-MHC-peptide complex antibodies??

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> Has anybody raised antibodies against MHC-peptide complex ?
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The June 1997 issue of Immunity describes 2 anti-MHC/ peptide mAb.

Localization, Quantitation, and In Situ Detection of Specific Peptide–
MHC Class I Complexes Using a Monoclonal Antibody
Angel Porgador, Jonathan W. Yewdell, Yuping Deng, Jack R. Bennink, and
Ronald N. Germain

Characterization and Quantitation of Peptide–MHC Complexes Produced
from Hen Egg Lysozyme Using a Monoclonal Antibody
Gilles Dadaglio, Christopher A. Nelson, M. Brian Deck, Shirley J.
Petzold, and Emil R. Unanue

Porgador's Ab is against Kb/SIINFEKL (Ovalbumin residues 257-264) that
has been used quite extensively by other investigators.  There was also
one generated by phage display that is specific for an Influenza
Hemeagglutinin peptide in the context of Kk.  This was reported in PNAS
around the time of the others.

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