Anti-MHC-peptide complex antibodies??

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>> Has anybody raised antibodies against MHC-peptide complex ?
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>There are many anti-MHC antibodies that recognize MHC complexed with
>Or do you mean to ask whether there are antibodies against *specific*
>peptides bound to *specific* MHC molecules?  Well, no, there are none of
>those.  There are a few antibodies which recognize portions of the alpha
>helices plus an amino acid or two of the peptide, but that's as specific
>as they get.

There is an antibody called Y-Ae, generated by Rudensky/Janeway, which
recognizes a peptide from the I-E alpha chain complexed to the I-A(b)
molecule, and another called 30-2 generated by Morkowski/Rudensky, which
recognizes a peptide from murine invariant chain bound to I-A(b).  I
believe there is also an antibody against the SIINFEKL/K(b) complex.

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