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> The June 1997 issue of Immunity describes 2 anti-MHC/ peptide mAb.
> Localization, Quantitation, and In Situ Detection of Specific Peptide–
> MHC Class I Complexes Using a Monoclonal Antibody
> Angel Porgador, Jonathan W. Yewdell, Yuping Deng, Jack R. Bennink, and
> Ronald N. Germain
> Characterization and Quantitation of Peptide–MHC Complexes Produced
> from Hen Egg Lysozyme Using a Monoclonal Antibody
> Gilles Dadaglio, Christopher A. Nelson, M. Brian Deck, Shirley J.
> Petzold, and Emil R. Unanue
> Porgador's Ab is against Kb/SIINFEKL (Ovalbumin residues 257-264) that
> has been used quite extensively by other investigators.  There was
> one generated by phage display that is specific for an Influenza
> Hemeagglutinin peptide in the context of Kk.  This was reported in
> around the time of the others.

Andersen, P. S., Stryhn, A., Hansen, B. E., Fugger, L., Engberg, J. &
Buus, S. (1996) Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 93, 1820-1824

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