Anti-MHC-peptide complex antibodies??

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Thu Sep 30 14:06:17 EST 1999

There are more than one monoclonal antibodies specific for peptide-MHC
complexes.   The YaE antibody developed by I beleive Alexander Rudensky
while at Yale, and Both the Unanue and the Germain Lab published MHC
restricted antibodies for both Class I and II complexes.  These reagents
are rare and obviously restricted in the use, but have been around for
some time.  


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> > Has anybody raised antibodies against MHC-peptide complex ?
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> There are many anti-MHC antibodies that recognize MHC complexed with
> peptide.
> Or do you mean to ask whether there are antibodies against *specific*
> peptides bound to *specific* MHC molecules?  Well, no, there are none of
> those.  There are a few antibodies which recognize portions of the alpha
> helices plus an amino acid or two of the peptide, but that's as specific
> as they get.
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