macrophage staining protocol

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> Does anyone know of any protocol for specific enzymatic staining
> of macrophages ? I am currently working with j774's and I've already
> tried AEC staining, but this didn't seem to work at all. Any suggestions
> would be greatly appreciated !
> Greet Brouckaert
> Department of Molecular Biology
> Ghent University
> greet at

We used to stain for macrophages as part of my profeesor's research work on
Listeria Monocytogenes.  This is about 20 years ago so my memory's not so
clear.  The staining seemed to specifically show up the vescicles of
monocytes (and macrophages).  Look up papers on Listeria.  I can get you
the name of the researcher and her faculty if you get stuck.  Sadly, I'm no
longer in this field.


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