Keyhole Limpet Hemocyanin

Joe Chandler jchandler at
Mon Apr 17 12:03:10 EST 2000

> who could suggest why KLH is widely used as an "unspecific"
immunostimulant in the course of a vaccination trial? >

It is among several carrier proteins used in immunization protocols.
Besides KLH, BSA, Tetanus Toxoid and LH (Limulus Hemocyanin) are often used.
They are all highly immunogenic in their own right and when you conjugate a
hapten or a peptide to them, the host has a greater chance of recognizing
the low molecular weigh component now associated with the carrier.  Without
a carrier protein, your hapten or peptide is too small for the immune system
to capture and display.  Besides their immunological characteristics, it is
easy to conjugate haptens and peptides to these carriers.

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