Keyhole Limpet Hemocyanin

Ira Skvortsova Ira.Skvortsova at
Mon Apr 17 09:47:59 EST 2000

How to conjugate KLH and peptide or hapten? If somebody will answer me
it will be very nice

Joe Chandler schrieb:
> > who could suggest why KLH is widely used as an "unspecific"
> immunostimulant in the course of a vaccination trial? >
> It is among several carrier proteins used in immunization protocols.
> Besides KLH, BSA, Tetanus Toxoid and LH (Limulus Hemocyanin) are often used.
> They are all highly immunogenic in their own right and when you conjugate a
> hapten or a peptide to them, the host has a greater chance of recognizing
> the low molecular weigh component now associated with the carrier.  Without
> a carrier protein, your hapten or peptide is too small for the immune system
> to capture and display.  Besides their immunological characteristics, it is
> easy to conjugate haptens and peptides to these carriers.

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