Magnetic Beads

Paula Lavery plaver at
Mon Apr 17 13:35:31 EST 2000

Have you tried microbeads from Miltenyi Biotech? (no affiliation) They are
much smaller than the traditional beads (ex. Dynal). We never had any
success with the larger beads but now routinely use the microbeads with no
problems. Check their web site at: .

Good luck!

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    "Chris Weir" wrote in message <003a01bfa5af$75330140$0400a8c0 at cweir>...
    Hi All,
        I was wondering if anyone had any experience with putting spacers on
magnetic beads?
    Basically I want to put a spacer between the bead and the Mab as we seem
to be getting steric
    hinderance.  If anyone could recommend some good spacers I would be very

    Thanks in Advance

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    Research/production Scientist
    BTF Pty Ltd
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