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Tue Apr 18 12:38:10 EST 2000


Slightly off thread but can I ask what you were using the Dynal beads for
and if you know why they were not succesful. I have been using dyna-beads to
seperate out T-cells and APC populations and I usually find the cells
aggregate by the time I have finished the procedure. From 40x10(6) PBMC I
usually am lucky to recover 2x10(6) T-cells. If MB have a better system I
would be interested.

Andrew Hall
University of Aberdeen
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Paula Lavery <plaver at> wrote in message
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> Have you tried microbeads from Miltenyi Biotech? (no affiliation) They are
> much smaller than the traditional beads (ex. Dynal). We never had any
> success with the larger beads but now routinely use the microbeads with no
> problems. Check their web site at: .
> Good luck!
> Paula Lavery
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> Royal Victoria Hospital
> McGill University
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>     Hi All,
>         I was wondering if anyone had any experience with putting spacers
> magnetic beads?
>     Basically I want to put a spacer between the bead and the Mab as we
> to be getting steric
>     hinderance.  If anyone could recommend some good spacers I would be
> grateful.
>     Thanks in Advance
>     Chris Weir
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>     BTF Pty Ltd
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