Magnetic Beads

Christiane Meyer christiane.meyer at
Wed Apr 26 06:53:10 EST 2000

What kind of cells are you seperating. I´m interested in how the system
works with granulocytes, how pure the fractions are and if the procedure
has any influence  on the cells

Robert Jensen schrieb:

> Im sorry to jump into this discussion uninvited, but I also have
> extensive experience using the Miltenyi system. If you are using the
> Dynabead magnet, that wont work with the miltenyi column system. The
> vario MACS system sells for approx 5K.
> Purity after either depletion or positive enrichment is truly
> remarkable.
> While recovery is not 100%, I doubt you will find a system that reaches
> the level that Miltenyi is able to achieve (That includes FACS sorting)
> my 2 cents
> rjj

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