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Wed Apr 26 19:38:20 EST 2000

Translated quickly using Babelfish and my knowledge of the english language:

Seek anybody being able to help me or being in the same case as me.

- I am carrying transition G2210A in the prothrombine gene (heterozygote

- I have a hypogammaglobulinemy IgG deficit, IgN and absence of IgA.

- I underwent a first perfusion of immoglobulines (without IgA) surface
Phlebitis consequence extended to the basilica vein with a small segment of
a humeral vein . Treated by fraxodi 0.7 ml then 3 comp. of previscan per day
(left arm)

-Second Perfusion of immoglobulines diluted with glucose very slowly (15h of
perfusion) consequence: veinite (treated by compress alcoholic + extranase.

- Next perfusion on April 17 2000.

Come to my assistance I am mother of 3 children and I do not want to start
again same the problems.

You can write to me: Email: patrice_havet at

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