Need the plasmid containing the sequence for CR1!

Guo Bo immuno06 at
Fri Apr 28 09:35:11 EST 2000

Good days, everybody ,
I have a question :  
Why there is not transgenic pigs expressing human CR1 to Overcome complement-mediated 
hyperacute xenograft rejection ?
CR1 has extrinsic activity , i.e., it inactivates convertases assembled on external 
membranes, and it also exhibits intrinsic activity ,i.e., it inactivates convertases 
formed on the same membrane on  which it is expressed. Among the members of the RCA 
family , CR1 is  the only one that possesses dcay-accelerating activity for both C3 and 
C5 convertases in both the classical and alternative pathways,as well as factor I  
cofactor activity for the  degradation of both C3b and C4b .

Would you please send me the plasmid containing the sequence for CR1 ?

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The Third Military Medical University
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            Guo Bo
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