Use the Internet to help yourself

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Sat Apr 29 18:55:19 EST 2000

For many, the Internet represents aunique opportunity to reach millions of potential consumers.

In fact, it is said that over half of all new 6-7 figure earners created their income through the Internet in some form or fashion.

The most successful small to medium size companies have learned to apply the proven principles of direct mail to the Internet community enabling them to reach and entirely new group of people.

Direct E-mail is the most cost effective means of bringing a product or service to market or expanding your current market at about 1/20 the cost of regular direct mail offerings.

If you are an individual, entrepenuer or small business and want to opportunity to see if the Internet is right for you, we can help.

To reach one of our marketing representatives to obtain more informatiom on our services please call 407-957-8776 or 361-774-7565 Monday - Friday 10 am -7 pm EST.

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